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1. TWIG Tag Quick Guide Manufacturer: Twig Com Ltd. 24910 SALO, Finland Publication number YZ3440 - 0 4 - EN All rights reserved. © Twig Com Ltd, 20 20 . RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) ENERGY Transmission frequencies and power for TSE90EU device types in EU are listed in the table below. Transmitter TX frequency bands / MHz Max power / dBm SRD 869.675 - 10 Due to differences in use, installation and hardware, all settings and functions may not be applicable to each device version. Detailed configurat ion instructions are available in TWIG Protector Configuration Guide. For any further questions please contact Twig Com support at or +358 40 510 5058. 1. Installation of Tags Tag can have diffe rent power supply options. Typical version has integrated Lithium coin battery giving typical 20 000 read cycles. Mount the Tag to surface of suitable place based on desired check point. Mounting of the Tag metal wall or areas with RF interference may da mping the signal and can even totally block the Tag to be read. Mounting can be done e.g. with double sided tape or screws. 2. Using Tag Tag is activated with a Neodymium magnet assembled inside the back of a Protector. Corresponding settings must b e done in Protector to read the ID from Tag. Swiping Tag in close distance, approx 10mm with supporting TWIG Protector initiates the Tag to send its ID to Protector. Protector will send acknowledge back to Tag, which will then go back to sleep mode. Prote ctor will send the information according to its configuration to ARC ( Alarm receiving center) . 3. Safety & recycling Usage: - 20°C to +50°C , Storage: - 30°C to +70°C . Do not open the device or battery by yourself or pierce holes in it. Rough handling may break the circuitry inside the device. Do not drop, knock, twist or shake the device or its battery. Even though the device is waterproof, do not wet the device unnecessarily or immerse it in water. Protect the device from heat. High temperatures may shorten th e life of electr i cal devices, melt or warp plastics and damage batteries. Do not warm up the device or battery or use it near fire. Do not short - circuit the battery or battery contacts. Clean the device with a soft cloth, dampened slightly with mild soapy water. Do not clean the device with harsh chemicals, solvents or other corrosive substances. Only allow service personnel authorised by the dealer to service the device. BATTERY CARE, MAINTENANCE AND DISPOSAL The amount of actual read cycles depends on th e interval used for reading. If the Tag is read several times within minute it will shorten the battery life dramatically. Typical read interval where maximum performance can be achieved is few times per day. When storing unit for a long time, it should be kept cool in a dry place. Integrated lithium batteries and the device itself should be disposed of according to the country - specific regulations.


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