Lone worker safety in oil and gas industry

Lone Workers in petrochemical Industry are in risk to be exposed to a wide range of hazardous substances, radiations, noise, vibration, extremes of heat and cold and ergonomic hazards.

Lone working risks in oil and gas industry


Lone workers are exposed to hazardous areas where gases, vapours, mists and dusts can form explosive atmospheres or fire with air.

Fire and inhalation

Inhalation of dust and other dangerous substances may cause fatigue and result to unconsciousness.

Fall, slips and trips

Level changes, stairs and obstacles on pathway like cables, mats and bad pedestrian surfaces can cause falling or slipping.

TWIG advantages for ATEX areas

ATEX compliance

TWIG Ex products are type approved and manufactured pursuant to an ATEX certified quality management system.

Amber alert

When entering a risky situation, the Amber alert timer can be adjusted to inform user through pre-alarm after predefined duration of time.

Indoor location

The TWIG Beacon system is designed to locate distressed or injured persons inside areas where GPS is not reliable and other methods do not provide the needed accuracy.