Lone Worker Safety in Forestry

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Ensure Reliable Protection for Your Forestry Team

Forestry is a high-risk industry with a significant percentage of fatal errors and major injuries. Forestry employees often work in extreme circumstances where human errors and fatigue can lead to serious injuries. Employers have a duty of care to provide lone workers with the means to alert help in emergencies. TWIG safety devices are dedicated alarms equipped with essential features to ensure the protection of forestry workers and help employers fulfill their duty of care.

Understand the Lone Working Risks in Forestry


Fatigue can cause human errors and lead to serious injuries, especially when working outside normal hours and alone in isolated areas.

Freezing Conditions

Cold or wet weather can reduce concentration, make manual tasks more difficult, and put lone workers in danger.

Falls, Slips, and Trips

Falls from heights are the most common cause of injury and death due to working at height.

Commit to Safety with TWIG Solutions

As stewards of safety, employers must equip their lone workers with advanced safety solutions. Doing so not only complies with the strictest safety mandates but also underscores a commitment to every worker’s life and well-being. Providing robust safety devices is essential in mitigating the high risks associated with forestry work and protecting your most valuable assets— your employees.

Equip Your Team with the Best Safety Systems

Protect your most valuable assets - your employees.

Learn More About TWIG Safety Solutions for Forestry

Satellite Positioning

Accurate outdoor positioning with GPS, Glonass, and Galileo is crucial for locating workers in remote forest areas.

Reliable Alarms

Powerful alarms are designed to function effectively in noisy and harsh environments.

Automatic Alerts

The Mandown feature provides an additional layer of safety, automatically alerting help when needed.

Learn more about TWIG lone worker safety features

Overcome lone worker safety challenges with TWIG lone worker solutions.

The Benefits of Choosing TWIG

Future-Proof Functionality

Devices maintain compatibility across new device generations.

Durable devices

TWIG lone worker alarms provide reliable performance in all situations.

Scalable Solutions

Our scalable system adapts to your evolving safety requirements.

Made in Finland

Decades of know-how in communication and location solutions.

Trusted Quality

A reliable provider of safety solutions trusted by service providers worldwide.

Certified Compliance

Each device meets stringent lone worker alarm standards and requirements.

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