Mandown alarm for lone workers

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What is a Man Down Alarm?

A Man Down Alarm is an innovative sensor-based alert system crafted to improve the safety of lone workers. It detects both movement and non-movement and launches alerts based on specific, predefined settings. In situations where a lone worker falls or becomes incapacitated, the system automatically sends out an emergency call, providing the worker’s location to predefined contacts - ensuring help is summoned even if the worker cannot trigger the alarm manually.

Where and When are Man Down Alarms Crucial?

ManDown Alarms are crucial in industries where workers face elevated risks such as falls, slips, and trips. They are indispensable in environments prone to: industrial hazards like dangerous vapours, electric shocks and physical assaults. These systems are designed to provide critical assistance when it is most needed, enhancing workplace safety across various high-risk sectors.

How Do Man Down Alarms Work?

TWIG lone worker alarm devices come equipped with four independent mandown alert triggers: device orientation, non-movement, free fall, and impact. Alerts are triggered when these predefined parameters are met, helping to minimize false alarms and ensuring that assistance is dispatched promptly. These devices are adaptable to suit specific work scenarios and environments, which boosts their reliability and effectiveness.

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Key Features of TWIG ManDown Alarms

Automatic Emergency Cycle

Activated by non-movement, falling, impact or free fall.

Adjustable Alerts

Options for loud or silent alarms.

Customizable Sensitivity

Adjustments for movement detection to prevent false alarms.

Non-movement Mandown

Alerts for non-movement situations without orientation changes.


Emergency alerts sent via GPRS, SMS or Wi-Fi.

Informative Alerts

Emergency messages detail the cause of the alert.

User Safety

Features a periodic beep tone to locate an unconscious person.

Advanced Mandown

Additional alerts for free falls or sudden impacts.

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By incorporating these Man Down Alarm Systems, businesses can significantly enhance worker safety, comply with industry regulations, and reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.