Case Study: TWIG Embody protecting lone workers in indoor emergency situations

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2. How it works? The Munich city refugee centers are equipped with smartphones and TWIG Embody personal alarm devices. Both devices are connected to iTelematics Enterprise, the alarm receiving center, communicating within public telecommunication network. In an emergency case the smartphones carried by the center employees can be located inside the buildings with the help of installed iBeacons. The TWIG Embody devices are installed inside the buildings in predefined spaces. In every predefined space, two TWIG Embody devices in continuous power supply are fastened under a table permanently. Loud and silent alarm Depending on the situation, the refugee center employee can either launch a loud alarm or a silent alarm by pressing the SOS key of the under the table fastened TWIG Embody. To differentiate the devices from the functions, the left hand TWIG Embody is configured for the loud alarm and the right hand TWIG Embody is configured for the silent alarm. The left TWIG Embody with internal loud alarm frightens the aggressor and sends the alert message to the ARC. The right TWIG Embody with silent alarm discreetly calls the ARC and opens a silent call enabling to listen to the emergency situation. The ARC alerts the police according to its situational awareness. Fast help with accurate location In emergency situations all nearby employees are alerted automatically and immediately on their smartphones. The nearby colleagues of the aggressed employee receive the alert, including the position details, to their smartphones and can reach the person in distress fastest. The alarm receiving center operates with the iTelematics Enterprise alarm monitoring system (PNEZ) where all alarms are managed. The leading operator controls the incoming alarms and opens a handsfree call to the device launching the alarm. The silent alarm opens a hands-free call enabling the operator to listen to the situation in the room. If the operator sees it necessary, he alerts the police forces and informs it of the exact location of the event. The emergency alert in the ARC and personal alarm device will be closed only after the official closing of the process. More information about TWIG Embody personal alarm device on or by mail More information about iTelematics ARC system on or by mail Compliance • Conform to German Employer Insurance DGUV Regel 112-139 • Conform to German standard DIN VDE V 0825-11 related to communication using public mobile network System requirements • VPN secured mobile network • Sufficient availability of mobile network in refugee centers TWIG Embody specifications • TWIG Embody device functionality secured with device heartbeat intervals • Emergency message sent in 2 seconds • Silent call start in 5-10 seconds, depending of network and operator • Continuous beep of loud alarm • Battery status messages to the ARC • Device is always on and cannot be switched off • Remote configuration

1. Case Study Effective emergency alert system for Munich refugee centers • TWIG Embody personal alarm device is one of the essential components of the lone worker safety solution deployed in Munich refugee centers. Requirements of the Munich city • get help fast in an emergency situation • find the person in distress indoors • loud alarm to scare the aggressor • silent alarm to inform the security people and police • inform nearby colleagues Benefits of the Solution • real-time information of the emergency situation • indoor location of the person in distress • fast alert of police • fast and accurate indoor location • loud alarm with one press of button • silent alarm enabling the operator to listen to the situation • person in distress can easily alert help • automatically alerting all nearby employees • securing employee safety by emergency call to police • fast and flexible use with minor changes to infrastructure • high availability with automatic system monitoring • remote updates and upgrades of iTelematics ARC and TWIG Embody personal alarm devices • pioneer solution for refugee centers • easy removal of the system to another refugee center • easy system extension with iBeacons and smartphones More information about TWIG Embody personal alarm device on or by mail More information about iTelematics ARC system on or by mail System components • TWIG Embody • iTelematics Enterprise ARC • iBeacon Pro • Smartphone • Data SIM cards • The requirement of the Munich city was to ensure the refugee center employees get helped in an emergency situation in the best possible way. • All refugee centers are equipped with the system using TWIG Embody as indoor emergency alert device. • The iTelematics alert system provides the needed functionalities for fast and accurate decision making in emergency situations. It enables the help from nearby co-workers and emergency personnel. TWIG Embody - the essential part of the system


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