Protecting people is our priority

The rise of lone working

Lone working is increasing globally, and it poses a unique set of risks for both workers and companies. In the event of an accident or emergency, help may not be readily available.
Lone working is prevalent in many industries, such as manufacturing, property maintenance and healthcare.

The importance of feeling safe

Feeling safe is important for everyone.
By protecting your company's most valuable asset - your employees - you help promote efficient work and peace of mind.

The guardians of lone worker safety

Here in Finland we are the happiest people in the world. We are happy because we know what it means to be prepared.

It is no accident that first rescue phones were invented in Finland. We know how to engineer and manufacture high-quality lone worker alarm devices for the safety of people.

Our modern production line enables efficient manufacturing that meets the most demanding quality requirements. Each device is thoroughly tested to ensure high quality and functionality in case of an accident.

We maintain a comprehensive component warehouse to ensure prompt deliveries that meet our customer needs.

Protecting people is our priority

When it comes to individual safety and wellbeing, we leave nothing to chance. TWIG lone worker alarms are trusted by our partners across a range of demanding industries.

Our high-quality solutions ensure the security and safety of hundreds of thousands of lone workers in various industries every day.

Let's make working alone safer together!
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