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1. TWIG Point SP is a cloud based turn-key solution for remote device management, configuration and alarms monitoring. Its turn-key services improve your customer service and reliability of alarm positioning while reducing cost of customer support and infrastructure. TWIG Point SP TWIG Point Remote Configurator • Device configuration over-the-air TWIG Point Monitor • Alarms monitoring and tracking TWIG Point Site • Site planning with on-site beacons Modular system • Selectable service modules Easily accessible on web • All you need is a TWIG Point SP account TWIG Point Netloc • Hybrid location indoors and outdoors TWIG Point AGNSS • Faster and more reliable GNSS positioning TWIG Point API • Application Programming Interface Service provider model • Your customers, your business accounts Turn-key services • Fast and easy device registration TWIG Integrator Kit The developer resources for Integrating TWIG Devices to your Alarm Monitoring Centre. TWIG MPTP protocol document • MPTP commands used in SMS and GPRS communications between TWIG devices and central station server een TWIG devices and central station serveromnds used in SMS and GPRS communications between TWIG devis and central station server TWIG GPRS interface • Software code for installation in central station server, implementing TWIG GPRS protocol TWIG GPRS protocol document • Details about GPRS connection management structures Technical support and service • Contact with e-mail and phone EZ1000-05-EN © Twig Com Ltd. 2016-2018 Modular System TWIG Software and Services

2. ttwg Remote device management and configuration Features & Benefits • Turn-key over-the air configuration of compatible TWIG personal alarm devices • Editing, writing, reading and saving device settings • Mobile data usage typically 3 kB per uploaded configuration data set • Web interface to invoke by customer monitoring system directly to a specific device or setting Alarm monitoring and tracking application for service providers Features & Benefits • Alarms monitoring with map views • Forwarding of alerts with email and sms • GNSS tracking with street map and satellite views • Device movements follow-up with status information • Alerts with PC on-screen pop-ups with voice • On-screen message (OSM) management: writing, sending and managing OSM • Tracking rules creation Turn-key hybrid location service for TWIG personal alarm devices Features & Benefits • Faster, more reliable location with improved accuracy • Public space location (cellular + Wi-Fi) indoors and outdoors • Indoor location (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE) on customer site Site management for hybrid indoor location Features & Benefits • Easy site planning and management • Import of custom site maps and multistorey floor plans • Dragging and dropping of beacons and sensors in place Application programming interface Features & Benefits • Run TWIG Point modules complete with user interface through Web Programming Interface • Full access to TWIG Point resources from your system with REST JSON API The Service Provider Platform for TWIG Personal Alarms Features & Benefits • Service Provider account for your business model: your customers, your pricing, your customer relations • Creation and management of sub-accounts • Easy device registration • Dashboard with real-time device status at one glance • Modular turn-key services • Remote device configuration saves time and money in customer support • Hybrid location indoors and outdoors for faster and more reliable location with improved accuracy • Creation and planning of own site with geocoded beacons on your own site map and multistorey floor plans • Alarm and device status monitoring with visualised location and on screen messages. How to order • When you want to start using TWIG Point SP services, ask TWIG Sales ( to create a TWIG Point SP account for you. • After account creation, you will receive account confirmation instructions by e-mail to activate your account. • Add your device and activate the wanted services in your TWIG Point SP account. Getting started • Prepare your TWIG device by switching off the PIN query of your SIM card (e.g. by placing it in a mobile phone). • Insert your SIM card into your TWIG device. Switch on the device and wait until the GSM/3G symbol is displayed. Login to your TWIG Point SP account according to confirmation instructions received. • When logged in, add your new TWIG device to your account by selecting Add device. • Fill in the phone number of your device and optionally also the IMEI code on the device type label of your TWIG device • Configure your TWIG device by adding the requested information • More information on TWIG Point SP Getting started guide downloadable at www.twigcom > Support > Documents. Cost of using & How to pay • TWIG Point SP account is free of charge. Services are charged according to number of devices per account. • TWIG Point Site is accessible to all devices. Service costs are charged according to number of added beacons. • First year of TWIG Point Netloc use is free of charge. • Billing is monthly with one consolidated invoice, with attached breakdown of service usage by individual accounts, facilitating customer billing. More information • Please refer to TWIG Point datasheet downloadable at > Support > Documents. • Should you have any questions please email to: Faster and more reliable positioning compared to normal GNSS Features & Benefits • Speeds up first acquisition after exiting buildings • Free of charge TWIG Point SP TWIG Point Netloc TWIG Point Site TWIG Point AGNSS TWIG Point Monitor TWIG Point API TWIG Point Remote Configurator


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