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2. Short - range active RF sensor • RF sensor is activated by removing it from magnet installed next to it at door frame. Small and robust • Discreet design • Screw - on and Velcro tapes as attachment options • Waterproof (IP67) Compatibility and communication • TWIG Door Sensor works with TWIG TUP92EU, TUP91EU and TUP90EU personal alarms equipped with the TWIG SRD transceiver. • Sensor report is transmitted from TWIG personal alarm to ARC in MPTP (Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol) messages , over SMS or GPRS. • TWIG personal alarm with SRD transceiver can operate simultaneously with TWIG Door Sensor, TWIG Button wireless alarms, TWIG Beacon locating devices and TWIG Tag RF identifiers. Mechanics • Dimensions : 40 mm x 35 mm x 11 mm (w/o mounting devices) • Weight : 13 g with battery • Operating temperature - 20 ° C...+ 50 ° C • Power supply: Lithium coin battery 980 mAh Operating time • 5 years / 30 000 readings* • Operating frequency: 869,675 MHz (EU ), 918.675 MHz (AU) • Transmitting power level: - 0 dBm Frequency deviation: +/ - 5 kHz Sales package content • Sensor ( EU/AU) with integrated lithium coin battery • Magnet • Installation guide Product images are indicative only . Twig Com reserves right to change all information without prior notice . Communication is only possible within mobile network coverage . * Operating time is shortened with every door opening . TWIG is a registered trade mark of Twig Com Ltd . More information : www . twigcom . com TWIG Door Sensor SRD Technical specification Twig Com Ltd. Lairolantie 14 FIN – 24910 SALO, FINLAND Tel: +358 40 510 5058 Fax: +358 42 510 5058 TWIG WebFinder SP TWIG Door Sensor TWIG Tag SRD Attendance monitoring Device management Location fusion Device integration Customer system 3G/GSM data + SMS 3G/GSM 2 - way voice GNSS: GPS, Glonass , Galileo, BeiDou TWIG system modules Global infrastructure TWIG Point SP Remote Configurator TWIG Beacon SRD On - site positioning TWIG Point NetLoc Cellular location TWIG Point AGPS Faster GPS acquisition TWIG Integrator Kit : TWIG MPTP, TWIG Support IP Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Operations management END key SOS key Quick dial / Status / Call

1. TWIG Door Sensor is a short range device (SRD) designed to improve safety of TWIG personal alarm users e . g . security guards and maintenance workers by registering their comings and goings at door openings . TWIG personal alarm compatible SRD • Reports from TWIG personal alarm to ARC • Reports in MPTP messages over SMS or GPRS • Requires TWIG personal alarm with SRD transceiver Discreet and robust • Discreet design • IP67 waterproof Easy to install • Magnet to door • Sensor to door frame • Mounting with screws or velcro tape Installation and deployment Door sensor includes two pieces . The counterpart magnet is attached to the door and the sensor to the door frame . Both pieces of the TWIG Door sensor are mounted right next to each other . TWIG Door sensor can be deployed in a wide range of environments . It is IP 67 waterproof and has an operating temperature range of - 20 to + 50 C . It can be installed with screws or velcro tape . How does it work? When the door is opened, it signals user carrying TWIG device which further signals the central station about user movements . TWIG personal alarm device transmits door sensor report in real time to central station over mobile network . Report includes information on door sensor identity and position . Modular system The TWIG short range devices (SRD) system is modular. TWIG personal alarm equipped with SRD transceiver can • receive alarms from several TWIG Button wireless alarms, • determine its position from nearby TWIG Beacon locating devices also when GPS signal is not available, • register attendance by swiping TWIG Tag RF identifiers or • register comings and goings with to the door frame attached TWIG Door Sensor. TWIG Door Sensor SRD The Short R ange D evice for Doorways EZ3460 - 01 - EN © Twig Com Ltd. 2017 M onitoring comings and goings TWIG Door Sensor provides a SRD solution for lone worker protection by monitoring TWIG device user movements at doorways . It is especially suitable for lone workers moving inside buildings or from building to another e . g . in industrial sites, offices, retail stores, commercial locations or areas where lone worker’s safety need to be monitored in real time . As a telecare solution it enables those with long - term care needs to enjoy more independent and active lives . Various usage areas • Lone worker safety • Telecare • Outdoors


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