Lone worker safety in health and social care

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Ensuring Safety in Every Home Visit

Health and social care workers provide essential services, often in environments filled with unpredictable risks. We recognize the critical need for reliable safety solutions that protect these professionals wherever their duties take them.

Common Risks in Health and Social Care

Isolation in Remote Areas

Caregivers often travel to provide essential services, sometimes breaking down in isolated locations. TWIG ensures they're never truly alone.

Robbery risks

Visiting high-risk areas can expose workers to the threat of robbery, especially when carrying medications or valuable equipment. TWIG alarms provide a quick response link to ensure their safety.

Amenazas y abuso

Verbal assaults and physical threats are a harsh reality for many in this field. Our systems offer discreet yet immediate alerts to ensure rapid assistance.

Your Safety Companion

Our wearable personal alarms offer immediate security for your health and social care employees. Designed for comfort and discretion, TWIG devices ensure that help is just a button press away - whether facing a sudden threat or a medical emergency.   

Key features for Health and Social Care Staff

Alarma silenciosa

The red panic button, subtly integrated behind the ID card, allows health professionals to launch alerts discreetly, avoiding escalation.

Mandown alarm

Should a worker be incapacitated or unable to call for help, the automatic ManDown function promptly alerts monitoring teams.

Rip Alarm

Designed for immediate response, the emergency alert automatically activates when the ripcord is detached, signaling an emergency.

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Overcome lone worker safety challenges with TWIG lone worker solutions.

Why choose TWIG for your safety solution?

Future-Proof Functionality

Devices maintain compatibility across new device generations.

Durable devices

TWIG lone worker alarms provide reliable performance in all situations.

Scalable Solutions

Our scalable system adapts to your evolving safety requirements.

Made in Finland

Decades of know-how in communication and location solutions.

Trusted Quality

A reliable provider of safety solutions trusted by service providers worldwide.

Certified Compliance

Each device meets stringent lone worker alarm standards and requirements.

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