Lone worker safety in cleaning

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Ensuring Safety with Advanced Lone Worker Alarms

Cleaning professionals often face unique challenges, working in isolation in various environments, both indoors and during unconventional hours. We understand these challenges and offer advanced lone worker safety solutions designed to provide cleaners with the protection they need, even in areas where GPS signals fail.

Common Risks in the Cleaning Industry

Inhalation Hazards

Exposure to vapors from cleaning chemicals can lead to severe health issues. Our Amber Alert feature allows workers to set timers that notify supervisors before entering potentially hazardous areas.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Common occurrences in the cleaning industry due to wet floors or clutter. Our ManDown Alarm automatically alerts supervisors if a worker slips or falls, ensuring quick response to prevent serious injuries.


Working alone, especially during odd hours, increases vulnerability to assaults. Our discreet alarm systems can be activated without escalating the threat, promptly notifying security personnel.

Ensure your team's safety

TWIG Lone Worker Alarms are equipped to handle the absence of GPS signals through our innovative TWIG SRD beacons technology. TWIG SRD beacons ensure that every worker's location is accurately tracked within buildings, enhancing safety and response times during emergencies.   

TWIG Lone Worker Safety Features

Mandown Alarm

Automatically triggers an alert if a worker is not moving, ensuring immediate action can be taken even if the worker cannot call for help themselves.

Amber Alert

Before entering high-risk areas, workers can set this timer to send automatic pre-alarms, enhancing preventive measures.

Indoor Location

With TWIG Beacon location solution pinpoint the exact location of distressed or injured workers inside areas where GPS reliability is compromised.

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Overcome lone worker safety challenges with TWIG lone worker solutions.

Why choose TWIG for your safety solution?

Future-Proof Functionality

Devices maintain compatibility across new device generations.

Durable devices

TWIG lone worker alarms provide reliable performance in all situations.

Scalable Solutions

Our scalable system adapts to your evolving safety requirements.

Made in Finland

Decades of know-how in communication and location solutions.

Trusted Quality

A reliable provider of safety solutions trusted by service providers worldwide.

Certified Compliance

Each device meets stringent lone worker alarm standards and requirements.

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