Your trusted partner in lone worker safety

We engineer and manufacture reliable, durable and cost-effective lone worker alarms and 
monitoring services to protect your most valuable asset. Your people.

Why choose TWIG?

Wide product range

A full range of device models, settings and accessories.

Built to last

Backwards compatible and long-lasting devices.

Seamlessly integrated

TWIG lone worker devices integrate to various monitoring systems.

Made in Finland

Pioneer in lone worker alarm device manufacturing since 30 years.

Our vision: a safer world where people - at work or at home - are never alone

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Do you know TWIG story?

Today TWIG is one of the leading lone worker alarm brands. The name TWIG was taken in use first time in 2009 by the company Benefon, the pioneer of the first GSM/GPS personal safety alarms. 

The generic meaning of TWIG is a small thin branch of a tree or bush. For Benefon TWIG had also a second meaning; it was a tool to locate a person. The idea  was related to the old practice of water dowsing using a forked stick to locate underground water, minerals or other hidden subtances.  

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Sustainable manufacturing

Our production follows the standard of the EU legislation of ISO14001:2015, WEEE, REACH and RoHS 2.

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Our team

A highly-skilled team committed to protecting others.

Quality and compliance

TWIG products are designed, manufactured and marketed pursuant to ISO 9001:2015.

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