Lone Worker Safety

in the Construction Industry

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The Critical Duty of Employers:

Ensuring the Safety of Lone Workers

In the dangerous world of construction, lone workers face big risks every day. From high places to unstable spots, the chance of serious accidents is always there, making construction one of the riskiest industries. Employers have a big responsibility to protect these workers, a duty that goes beyond just following the rules to a moral obligation to keep their team safe.

Common Risks in the Construction Industry

High-Risk Heights

Falls from heights remain the leading cause of fatalities. Each step taken aloft could be a step toward peril.

Struck or Crushed

The threat of being struck or crushed by heavy, unpredictable machinery is an ever-present danger.

Cold Embrace

Cold and damp conditions weaken and confuse, greatly increasing the risk for those already on the edge.

Your Role as an Employer

As stewards of safety, employers must equip their teams with these advanced systems. Doing so not only complies with the strictest safety mandates but also underscores a commitment to every worker’s life and well-being.

Advanced Safety Features for Modern-Day Heroes

Mandown Alarm

Perhaps the most critical feature, this automated alert senses the unthinkable - when a worker falls incapacitated and cannot call for help themselves.

Amber Alert

Before entering high-risk areas, workers can set this timer to send automatic pre-alarms, enhancing preventive measures.

Loud Speakerphone

This feature cuts through the cacophony, ensuring clear, loud communications. Combined with a powerful vibrating alarm, it keeps workers alert and connected.

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