Why should you rely on lone worker alarms?

Discover lone worker safety features

Imagine your employee working alone on a remote construction site without immediate access to colleagues.

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When accident happens, every second counts.

Imagine the precious time lost while attempting to alert help

using just a standard smartphone.

Now, consider the efficiency and

speed of a lone worker alarm. 

Discover TWIG lone worker alarms

In incidents like falls or periods of immobility, the alarm doesn’t just sound - it reacts automatically.

Discover Mandown Alarm

Wouldn't you prefer piece of mind instead of anxiety?


Your lone worker feels safe knowing he has a reliable safety device on his belt.

Discover TWIG lone worker alarms 

It's not just a convenience; it's employer's duty to safeguard their employees.

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In high-risk scenarios, a dedicated lone worker alarm isn’t just helpful - it’s essential. 

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But what features of these alarms

stand out as most critical?

Immediate notification in case of falls, no movement, free falls, and impacts.

Whether it’s through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or SRD beacons, the location capabilities of TWIG lone worker alarms ensure that no one is truly isolated.

Continuous monitoring of triggered alarms enable a swift response, improving the overall safety protocol.

With capabilities for two-way voice calls and data transfer, these devices ensure that lone workers are never out of reach.

Depending on the nature of the job and the risks involved,

the required features may vary. 

Social risks

For instance, employees in social and health care services or the service sector face social risks such as violence, threats, and abuse.

Environmental risks

Meanwhile, those in maintenance, construction, or industries like petrochemical or forestry are exposed to environmental risks including falls, slips, and other accidents that arise from demanding and hazardous conditions.

Discover TWIG lone worker alarms

TWIG lone worker alarms are not just devices but customizable safety solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of different working environments.

For hazardous and demanding environments



Discover robust


Wearable with clip and carrying case.

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For hazardous ATEX areas...


Extreme safety with 


The 4G lone worker alarm approved for gas and dust. 

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When you need something more compact

Select the wearable


The ideal device for service sector and health care staff

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When the form is a factor for social, administration and front end staff..

Our suggestion is


The connected badge  

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Just make it simple with


The truly simple SOS alert button in robust design.

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All TWIG lone worker alarm models include the following features:


Data transfer over Wi-Fi

Mandown alarm


2-way voice calls

VoIP call

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