Compact and wearable lone worker alarm

Small and wearable


The small TWIG Neo is ideal for lone workers in laboratory, maintenance and health care. 

  • Multiple wearing options

  • Scalable functions

  • Full range of accessories

  • Easy integration to various monitoring systems

  Customize your device

SOS alarm

Automatic alert with a single push of a button.

Locate with GNSS

Greater accuracy provided by 3 satellite navigation systems.

Remote configuration

Update settings remotely.

Rip alarm

Alarm triggered automatically when the lanyard is detached from device.

Multiple wearing options


Track the alarm and view its positions on map.

Locate with SRD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons indoors.

SOS alarm

Dedicated and configurable SOS button with optional colour.

SRD3 compatibility

Device option for compatibility with SRD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Manage and monitor with TWIG Point platform or 

integrate to your own monitoring system.

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TWIG Neo fits perfectly for

Health and social care workers

Lone worker safety in health and social care

Retail service workers

Lone worker safety in retail services

What is your lone worker safety need? 

Let us help you to find the best solution for your use case

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