Why lone worker alarms?

When accident happens, seconds matter

Imagine your employee on a construction site without access to his colleagues and without a lone worker alarm device...


How many seconds is needed to alert help with a smart phone?

With a lone worker alarm alerting is faster.

Alerting is automatic in falls and no movement situations.

Wouldn't you prefer piece of mind instead of anxiety?


Your lone worker feels safe knowing he has a reliable safety device on his belt.

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It is employer's duty to protect his employees.

In high-risk situations a dedicated lone worker alarm is the best solution to protect lone workers.

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What are the most important lone worker alarm features?

Automatic alert on falls, no movement, free fall and impact situations

Locate TWIG lone worker alarms with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or SRD beacons

Track and trace alarms triggered by the lone worker alarm device.

Two-way voice calls and data transfer

Needed features depend on the risks and situations the lone worker is facing.

Social risks

Employees providing social and health care services or working in service sector are lone workers facing socials risks like violence, threats and abuse .

Environmental risks

Employees providing maintenance or working in like construction, petrochemical or forestry industries are exposed to falls, slips and various accidents arising out of demanding and hazardous working environment.

TWIG lone worker alarms offer customizable safety solutions, allowing you to tailor the device to your unique needs. 

For hazardous and demanding environments



Discover robust


Wearable with clip and carrying case.

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For hazardous ATEX areas...


Extreme safety with 


The 4G lone worker alarm approved for gas and dust. 

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When you need something more compact

Select the wearable


The ideal device for service sector and health care staff

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When the form is a factor for social, administration and front end staff..

Our suggestion is


The connected badge  

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Just make it simple with


The truly simple SOS alert button in robust design.

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All TWIG lone worker alarm models include the following features:


Data transfer over Wi-Fi

Mandown alarm


2-way voice calls

VoIP call

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