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18th Oct 2018 TWIG turn-key location of distressed lone workers – indoors and outdoors

10th Sep 2018 Haemme nyt tuotantotekniikan ammattilaista

18th Jul 2018 New short range device option SRD3

25th May 2018 SSL/TLS encryption now available for TWIG devices

30th Apr 2018 The new ID badge lone worker alarm - TWIG SOSCard - now for sale

16th Jan 2018 Safety recommendations for TWIG Ex devices

6th Nov 2017 The wearable TWIG Embody personal alarm now on video

25th Sep 2017 The intrinsically safe TWIG Protector Pro Ex  lone worker alarm now for sale

19th Sep 2017 The upgraded TWIG Protector, TWIG Protector EasyS and TWIG Protector Pro now for sale

14th Sep 2017 The new TWIG Protector Ex lone worker alarm now for sale

11th Sep 2017 TWIG Protector EasyP and TWIG Asset Locator end of life notification

17th Aug 2017 TWIG Door Sensor SRD now for sale

10th Jul 2017 TWIG Sure and TWIG Protector Ex 2G (TCP90EU) end of life notification

25th Apr 2017 TWIG Bracer – Now for sale in Europe

19th Apr 2017 A new charging station now available

14th Feb 2017 Twig Com Varsinais-Suomen vahvin

21st Dec 2016 TWIG certified to ISO 14001:2015 standard

25th Nov 2016 TWIG Quality Management System upgraded

4th Nov 2016 TWIG Point Remote Configurator

5th Oct 2016 TWIG Embody Launch at Security Essen