3rd Nov 2021 How to use Mandown alarm with TWIG Neo
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3rd Nov 2021 How to use Mandown alarm with TWIG Neo
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What is mandown alarm?

Mandown alarm is an essential functionality in lone worker safety devices. If the lone worker falls or is unconscious, the launched mandown alarm automatically calls for help.

When lone worker device’s mandown settings are met, the device makes automatic call and sends the lone worker device position to predefined numbers in case the user is unable to trigger alarm manually.

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TWIG mandown alarm

TWIG lone worker alarm devices support mandown alarm triggered by 4 independent alert triggers: device orientation, non-movement, free fall and impact. Alert is launched when predefined parameters are met.

In order to minimize false alarms or missing alarms, the mandown settings need to be carefully matched with the usage scenario and environment. The user needs to be trained on mandown function and also on understanding its limitations.

TWIG Neo wearing options and mandown alarm

TWIG Neo personal alarm device can be configured for different mandown situations. The mandown settings are in most of the cases related to the carrying method of the device. When carried following the defined parameters, the TWIG Neo detects the mandown situation correctly and sends mandown alert.

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