12th Jul 2022 TWIG Easy used by forest workers
Case Study: Lone worker safety in forest industry
12 July, 2022 by
12th Jul 2022 TWIG Easy used by forest workers
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Forestry case in a nutshell

  • French National Forestry Office (Office National des Forêts, ONF) needed to find a lone worker protection solution for their forest workers executing their duties isolated in forests and mountains.

  • Forestry is a risky lone work including dangerous lone working situations.

  • TWIG Protector EasyS with options of mandown alarm and GNSS was selected as the lone worker device to response to the needs of ONF.

  • Easy-Alert service platform of TWIG distributor Magneta S.A. was selected for management and monitoring of TWIG devices and alerts

Statement of satisfied customer

  • TWIG Protector EasyS lone worker alarm devices have been quickly accepted by ONF forestry workers.

  • The lone worker safety device is not only a legal duty of the employer, it also makes the forest worker feel safe when working alone and isolated in the forest.

  • Device implementation was facilitated with instruction sheets describing device use and functionalities in risky situations.

  • The French National Forestry Office is satisfied with TWIG devices and with Easy-Alert alert management solution of Magneta.

The forest worker of ONF wearing TWIG Protector EasyS lone worker alarm device

The new TWIG Easy

Simple and powerful

4G lone worker alarm device

for forest workers

New design and technology

  • Familiar user-friendly keypad

  • Mandown alarm with 4 possible alert triggers: device orientation, no-movement, impact and free fall

  • Reliable outdoor location with GNSS satellite positioning

  • Powerful loudspeaker

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