Empowering Safety in Munich Refugee Centers
Explore the integration of advanced indoor location capabilities of TWIG
26 April, 2024 by
Empowering Safety in Munich Refugee Centers
Twig Com Ltd.

Effective Emergency Alert System for Munich Refugee Centers

This case study explores the implementation of TWIG Embody personal alarm devices at Munich refugee centers. The system was introduced to enhance the safety of employees working in potentially hazardous situations without immediate support from colleagues.

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Client Requirements:

The city of Munich required a robust emergency response system that could:

  • Rapidly assist employees in emergency situations.

  • Precisely locate distressed individuals within indoor environments.

  • Trigger loud alarms to deter aggressors.

  • Activate silent alarms to discreetly notify security personnel and law enforcement.

  • Alert nearby colleagues to emergencies effectively.

Solution Components:

The comprehensive safety solution included:

  • TWIG Embody personal alarm devices.

  • iTelematics Enterprise ARC for alarm management.

  • iBeacon Pro for precise indoor location tracking.

  • Smartphones and Data SIM cards integrated into the system.

How It Works:

TWIG Embody devices are strategically placed under tables in predefined spaces within the refugee centers, ensuring continuous power supply and optimal coverage.

In an emergency, employees can trigger a loud or silent alarm via the TWIG Embody device. The left device triggers a loud alarm to deter threats, while the right device activates a silent alarm for discreet communication with the ARC.

iBeacons installed throughout the facility enhance the accuracy of indoor location tracking.

All alerts and communications are managed through the iTelematics Enterprise ARC, facilitating immediate and coordinated responses.

Benefits of the Solution:

The deployment of the TWIG Embody system in Munich refugee centers has delivered numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced real-time awareness of emergency situations.

  • Rapid police alerts and precise indoor location capabilities.

  • Both loud and silent alarms can be activated at the touch of a button.

  • Automatic notification of all nearby employees during an emergency.

  • Comprehensive security measures with immediate emergency services contact.

  • Minimal infrastructural modifications needed for system implementation.

  • High system reliability with continuous monitoring and easy remote updates.

Compliance and Specifications:

The system complies with German Employer Insurance DGUV Regel 112-139 and the German standard DIN VDE V 0825-11, ensuring safe communication via public mobile networks.

The TWIG Embody device sends emergency messages within 2 seconds, starts silent calls in 5-10 seconds, and continuously communicates battery status to the ARC.


The TWIG Embody personal alarm system has significantly improved the safety protocols in Munich refugee centers, demonstrating its effectiveness as a pioneer solution for emergency alert systems in sensitive environments. This case study underscores the system's capability to provide a fast, reliable, and discreet response mechanism, enhancing the overall safety of lone workers in challenging settings.

 Information on the iTelematics ARC system is available at www.isatelematics.de.