Securing Pharmaceutical Operations in Mexico with TWIG Lone Worker Alarms
Pharmaceutical product plant in Mexico equipped with TWIG devices
26 April, 2024 by
Securing Pharmaceutical Operations in Mexico with TWIG Lone Worker Alarms
Twig Com Ltd.

Ensuring operator work with TWIG lone worker alarms

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The pharmaceutical product plant in Mexico is certified by the United States FDA for the manufacture of medicines consumed worldwide. The regulatory requirements for the quality and production are demanding. As part of the operational processes, employees are required to make continuous monitoring and maintenance rounds in all production areas. Many of monitoring and maintenance processes of the giant chemical processing machines require human intervention occasionally. Operators need to be able to perform their tasks alone without the presence of another  colleague. 

The lone worker system of the plant was provided and installed by TWIG distributor Aspíliga. The lone working plant operators were equipped with TWIG Protector Pro personal alarm devices and  TWIG SRD beacons were installed on site for indoor device location.   

With help of the lone worker solution provided by Aspíliga the duplication of work shift costs and complicated shift roles can be avoided. In general at least two persons per task are required to ensure the safety of operators during their monitoring and maintenance rounds.  

Employees carrying the TWIG personal alarm device can perform their tasks alone with the confidence that their area colleagues, direct supervisors, safety and hygiene personnel (the project sponsors) as well as the plant security personnel are immediately informed of any abnormalities.