TWIG Easy safeguarding forest workers in France
Enhancing lone worker safety in forestry
28 April, 2024 by
TWIG Easy safeguarding forest workers in France
Twig Com Ltd.

Forestry case in a nutshell

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Safeguarding forest workers with TWIG Easy

  • French National Forestry Office (Office National des Forêts, ONF) needed to find a lone worker protection solution for their forest workers executing their duties isolated in forests and mountains.

  • Forestry is a risky lone work including dangerous lone working situations.

  • TWIG Protector EasyS with options of mandown alarm and GNSS was selected as the lone worker device to response to the needs of ONF.

  • Easy-Alert service platform of TWIG distributor Magneta S.A. was selected for management and monitoring of TWIG devices and alerts

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Statement of satisfied customer

  • TWIG Protector EasyS lone worker alarm devices have been quickly accepted by ONF forestry workers.

  • The lone worker safety device is not only a legal duty of the employer, it also makes the forest worker feel safe when working alone and isolated in the forest.

  • Device implementation was facilitated with instruction sheets describing device use and functionalities in risky situations.

  • The French National Forestry Office is satisfied with TWIG devices and with Easy-Alert alert management solution of Magneta.