16th Dec 2021 The new 4G VoLTE model of TWIG Neo released
The wearable TWIG lone worker alarm with data and voice communication in 2G/3G/4G
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16th Dec 2021 The new 4G VoLTE model of TWIG Neo released
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Improved lone worker safety with 4G VoLTE calls

The new 4G VoLTE model extends the TWIG Neo usage to environments where calls over 4G LTE are the only option or required feature for the lone worker protection.

The new TWIG Neo model is remotely configurable and can be easily integrated in various monitoring systems. It is compatible with TWIG Point cloud services and backwards compatible with previous TWIG devices.

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Hybrid location with SRD3

With SRD3 option TWIG Neo is the first multi-wearable TWIG device to benefit from TWIG Point Netloc hybrid location both for public space location (cellular + Wi-Fi) and for on-site location (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE). 

Various accessories available!

Pick the most suitable for your needs and profit from the compatibility also with TWIG One and TWIG One Ex.

Charging accessories

  • Charging station (AFC)

  • Programming station (AFP)

  • Smart charging station (AFS)

  • Multi-device charging station (AFME, AFMU, AFMA)                       NOT compatible with TWIG One Ex!

  • Charging adapter (AFA)

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Make your TWIG Neo wearable with optional accessories!

Or select the whole set of wearables for later needs.

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Wearing accessories

  • Carbine hook and velcro loop (AWH)

  • Carrying strap (AWP)

  • Bracelet (AWW)

  • ID badge holder and lanyard (AWFI)

  • Belt clip (AWFC)

Select your device options!

Utilize the configurable user interface and keypad!

Sales package options

  • 2G only

  • GNSS

  • Mandown alarm

  • SRD3 (compatibility with TWIG short range devices (SRD) and beacons for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi location)

  • Belt clip / lanyard / carbine hook / wrist band / lanyard with ID badge holder 

  • Charging adapter (EU/UK/AU)

Configure your own device model and read more on newly published TWIG Neo product page

Documents can be downloaded on twigcom.com/documents.