26th Aug 2020 TWIG Embody protecting lone workers in indoor emergency situations

Read the case study about emergency alert system in Munich refugee centers

Munich city has equipped all its refugee centers with an effective emergency alert system to ensure the safety of center employees both indoors and outdoors. The requirements of the Munich city for the emergency alert system were to get help fast in an emergency situation, find the person in distress indoors, alert security people and police, inform nearby colleagues and scare the possible aggressor with a loud alarm when necessary.

As an essential part of the system, TWIG Embody is used as an indoor emergency alert device for loud and silent alarm. Depending on the situation, the refugee center employee can either launch a loud alarm or a silent alarm by pressing SOS key of the under the table fastened TWIG Embody.

Alarms are received and managed by the operator with iTelematics Enterprise alarm monitoring system. The center employees carrying smartphones can be located inside the buildings with the help of iBeacons.

The deployed emergency alert system is conform to German Employer Insurance DGUV Regel 112-139 and to German standard DIN VDE V 0825-11 related to communication using public mobile network.

The system ensures the refugee center employees get helped in an emergency situation in the best possible way.
Read more in the case study linked here.