24th Aug 2020 Improved features of TWIG One and TWIG One Ex devices
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24 August, 2020 by
24th Aug 2020 Improved features of TWIG One and TWIG One Ex devices
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The new TWIG One and TWIG One Ex have several improved features compared to their predecessors of TWIG Protector series. 

Reading NFC tags, tight charging adapter connection and improved sealing of SIM card slot are examples of the new improved features. View the animation to discover it yourself!

Both devices are compatible with the same accessories. But don’t forget the necessity to connect the TWIG One Ex device only with the Ex compatible accessories: Ex mains charger, Ex USB cable  and Ex  car charger!

The NFC reader

The NFC reader is another option for attendance monitoring by using NFC tags. By selecting the option NFC for TWIG One, you get the device with NFC reader 13.56 MHz. For TWIG One Ex you get the SRD3 and NFC with the one and same device option.  Please note: TWIG One and TWIG One Ex are compatible with all other short range devices but not with SRD tags!

Improved fastening of charging adapter

The fastening of charging adapter to TWIG One and TWIG One Ex devices has been improved by better design of charging connection. Once clipped to device, the charging adapter stays tightly fastened and ensures the connection between the device and the USB cable. 

Water proof device with improved SIM card slot sealing

The new robust SIM card tray need to be pulled out completely for inserting the SIM card. Compared to previous models of TWIG Protector series, the new SIM card tray is tightly fastened with screws ensuring the water proof sealing of the slot. 

Share the animation in your network!

We have created the animation for you to visualize the new TWIG design, features and improvements. Two animation versions are available: one with text and one without text. View the new animation of TWIG One and TWIG One Ex on Youtube and use it in your marketing and sales!

You can also download both versions from the following link: Animation.