5th Oct 2016 TWIG Embody Launch at Security Essen
TWIG Embody personal alarm awakened interest at Security Essen Fair
5 October, 2016 by
5th Oct 2016 TWIG Embody Launch at Security Essen
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Successful Launch at Security Essen

TWIG Embody 3G/GSM/GNSS personal alarm device was succesfully launched at Security Esssen fair in Germany 27th - 30th September 2016

TWIG Embody - Small and Scalable

TWIG Embody GSM/3G/GNSS personal alarm was officially launched at Security Essen Fair in Germany during the last week of September. TWIG Embody generated a great deal of interest among our new contacts and actual customers visiting TWIG Booth. Especially TWIG Embody device’s suitability for senior citizens and disabled people thanks to its small size, device functions and carrying options was highly appreciated.  

TWIG Booth on Wednesday 27th September

Security Essen has highlighted its position as the global fair for civil security with its four days long fair with 1040 companies from 45 nations. It had over 40 000 visitors from 119 nations aiming to obtain information, maintain contacts and place orders. According to Security Essen Final report the visitors were very satisfied with their visits to the fair and have used Security Essen as a high-ranking platform for contacts and orders.

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