19th Sep 2016 New Product Launch
TWIG Embody – the Wearable Personal Alarm now for Sale
19 September, 2016 by
19th Sep 2016 New Product Launch
Twig Com

TWIG Embody - the wearable 3G/GSM/GNSS personal alarm

Now ready for shipping

Twig Com Ltd. is proud to launch TWIG Embody, a new wearable 3G/GSM/GNSS personal alarm device designed to adapt for multiple lone worker and personal safety needs. TWIG Embody will be presented at the Security Essen fair in Germany next week 27.-30. September.

New benefits

TWIG Embody is a wearable 3G/GSM/GNSS personal alarm with

  • an all new wearing concept with multiple carrying options,
  • a device scalability multiplying device versions for specific customer needs
  • software and services integrating the overall personal safety system

TWIG Embody is IP67 waterproof, small and smart, dedicated alarm device with

  • selectable mobile network 2G/3G,
  • optional GNSS (multi constellation GPS),
  • optional ManDown
  • optional SRD (short range device) compatibility

TWIG Embody device management is easy with an all new cloud based TWIG Point SP device services platform.

Get familiar with the wearable TWIG Embody personal alarm and TWIG Point Software and Services on our new TWIG Embody product pages https://twigcom.com/shop/category/personal-alarms-2.

For more information please contact TWIG Sales (sales@twigcom.com).

TWIG Embody - The Wearable Personal Alarm

Odoo CMS - a big picture

TWIG Embody product documents and images are now ready for download on our website.

Documents: https://twigcom.com/page/documents

Images: https://twigcom.com/page/images

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