19th Jan 2016 Spring Time Offer for TWIG Battery Service
Campaign pricing valid until the end of May 2016
19 January, 2016 by
19th Jan 2016 Spring Time Offer for TWIG Battery Service
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TWIG personal alarms are designed for protection and safety of people. The durable TWIG devices are built to last years of usage. However, all rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and eventually need to be replaced. The battery capacity decreases as a result of aging and use of device. In the end the capacity may not be any longer sufficient for safety use, even though the device appears to be functioning normally.

To ensure reliable operation of the device in safety use, it is recommended to replace its battery every 3-4 years.

We offer the TWIG Battery Service as a convenient and effective solution for maintaining TWIG personal alarms and extending their life-cycle. The fixed price includes:

  • new battery cell and battery protection circuitry
  • new back cover with sealing
  • labor cost
  • verification of IP67 waterproofness
  • functional testing of the device
  • new Ex protection circuitry (ATEX/Ex devices only)
  • verification of Ex compliance (ATEX/Ex devices only)
  • proper recycling of replaced battery cells and electronics

Please ask for campaign pricing, valid until the end of May 2016

For more information please visit the product site https://twigcom.com/shop/product/twig-battery-service-4884. For further questions please contact TWIG Support by email support@twigcom.com or by phone +358-(0)40-510 5058 (9am to 3pm GMT+2).

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