30th Oct 2015 New TWIG website launched today
Our new www.twigcom.com platform aims at further improving TWIG product and brand communication, customer service and business processes.
30 October, 2015 by
30th Oct 2015 New TWIG website launched today
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As of today, 30th October 2015, the www.twigcom.com will direct to the brand new TWIG website.

The old website with its familiar resources will continue to be available for your convenience at the address: 2015.twigcom.com.

Benefits to TWIG customers and distributors include:

Improved business platform

The new website leverages our eBusiness platform and integrates with company operations and business processes, enabling even better customer service.

Better and more up-to-date content

Management of product information is more accurate and up to date. Usage areas of personal alarms are discussed comprehensively. A developing library of solutions to specific personal safety related needs and problems is presented.

More marketing power

The new website is more linked and contextual, providing more power for SEO and social marketing. Developing multi-lingual content will further support distributors.

Improved visualization

The new website brings better forth the visual identity of TWIG brand. The improved visualization of product configuration, product categories and target groups communicates more effectively the product advantages, helps with product selection and connects the products to users.

Constant development

Further major developments are planned for 2016 in supporting TWIG distributors with better information and more effective tools and processes.

Welcome to visit our new www.twigcom.com site today!

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