18 Jun 2008 TWIG Discovery Pro GPS phone now available for GSM-R
Railways can now also enjoy safety and workflow benefits of personal GPS tracking capability
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18 Jun 2008 TWIG Discovery Pro GPS phone now available for GSM-R
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TWIG Mobile Telematics, a business of GeoSentric Plc, today announces availability of a GSM-R variant of the TWIG Discovery Pro safety and field management phone.

The TWIG Discovery Pro GSM-R product has received homologation from the Norwegian Railway Administration, Jernbaneverket.

GSM-R is a wireless communications system developed specifically for railway use. It is a subsystem of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) and enables communication between train and railway control centers. GSM-R also serves communication needs of various railway workers.

GSM-R benefits from scale economies of its GSM technology heritage, aiming at being a cost efficient digital replacement for legacy in-track cable and analogue railway radio networks.

TWIG Discovery Pro GSM-R now enables locating railway personnel, thanks to its in-built GPS receiver, either for safety or workflow benefits. The phone can be configured with a Man Down Alert, triggering an automatic emergency message when predifined conditions are met by an in-built accelometer.

“We are happy to receive Norwegian homologation for TWIG Discovery Pro GSM-R. This product now brings worker safety and workflow benefits provided by TWIG GPS+GSM solutions available also to railway operators”, says Tomi Raita, CEO of GeoSentric.

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Tomi Raita, CEO, GeoSentric Plc

About TWIG and GeoSentric Plc:

TWIG is a brand of GeoSentric Plc., a developer of location-based technologies, delivering products and services that connect people to places and networks. TWIG mobile telematics (www.twigworld.com) provide care and control solutions for saving lives, securing assets and improving field management. TWIG safety phones and tracking devices combine GPS location with mobile communication, integrating with TWIG and third party tracking and tracing software.

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