10 Jun 2008 GeoSentric partners with Kupari Solutions Oy for property management
TWIG Locator tracking device and TWIG Web Finder service platform add GPS tracking capability to property management system by Kupari Solutions Oy
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10 Jun 2008 GeoSentric partners with Kupari Solutions Oy for property management
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TWIG Mobile Telematics, a business of GeoSentric Plc, has agreed to deliver Kupari Solutions Oy with products and software systems for tracking the location of property service vehicles.

Kupari Solutions Oy markets GPS tracking as part of its Kupari Maint (AVUX) property management system. With this service businesses can follow movements of their service vehicle fleets in near real time. The location of a vehicle is stored frequently in the Kupari Maint (AVUX) system so that for example proper plowing of snow and sanding of pavements can be verified afterwards.

“The need for location information in property management is increasing but solutions have not been available. We believe that the new GPS tracking service will positively drive adoption of the Kupari Maint (AVUX) property management system by new customers segments“, says Janne Helekorpi, CEO of Kupari Solutions Oy.

GPS tracking of property service vehicles in the Kupari Maint (AVUX) system is implemented using the TWIG Locator tracking device, with quick installation to the vehicle, and the TWIG Web Finder web top tracking and middleware platform.

“GeoSentric’s TWIG products and software help us to add GPS tracking to Kupari Maint (AVUX) system quickly and cost effectively”, says Janne Helekorpi.

“GeoSentric are pleased to cooperate with an industry innovator like Kupari Solutions Oy to address the property management market”, says Tomi Raita, CEO of GeoSentric.

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Tomi Raita, CEO, GeoSentric Plc

About TWIG and GeoSentric Plc:

TWIG is a brand of GeoSentric Plc., a developer of location-based technologies, delivering products and services that connect people to places and networks.

TWIG mobile telematics (www.twigworld.com) provide care and control solutions for saving lives, securing assets and improving field management. TWIG safety phones and tracking devices combine GPS location with mobile communication, integrating with TWIG and third party tracking and tracing solutions.

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About Kupari Solutions Oy

Kupari Solutions Oy offers management systems for property owners and property service businesses. Kupari Group offers also property portfolio management and property energy development services.

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