16 Dec 2013 New TWIG Protector Ex personal alarm now shipping
Upgraded ATEX class, more modularity
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16 Dec 2013 New TWIG Protector Ex personal alarm now shipping
Twig Com

Twig Com Ltd, the designer and manufacturer of TWIG safety and GPS products, today announces availability of the new TWIG Protector Ex lone worker and personal safety alarm for use in explosion hazardous areas.

The ATEX protection class has been upgraded to II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb (Zone 1 Category II Gas intrinsically safe temperature class 4).

The new TWIG Protector Ex provides more location power for mixed outdoor/indoor use. High-performance GPS technology features ready-to-use AGPS feed. TWIG Beacon short range devices (SRD) option expands location availability to indoor sites, without giving away the global GPS coverage.

TWIG Protector Ex is the ultimate GPS/GSM personal safety alarm for explosion hazardous areas. Panic button, ManDown function or AmberAlert activates a predefined emergency protocol that operates according to DIN0825 and BS8484, transmitting latest known position and opening two-way voice call. The device is rugged and IP67 water proof, providing ease of mind for the user and unparalleled life cycle economies for the business owner.

TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre. Optionally the TWIG WebFinder SP software provides a turn-key solution for testing or deployment. Or receive alarms and reports directly to your smartphone as SMS with web link, opening up Google Maps view.

For more information: sales @ twigcom.com
Product data: www.twigcom.com/pages/en/twig-products/twig-protector-ex.php

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About TWIG:
TWIG is a brand of Twig Com Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of personal safety and GPS tracking products and software. TWIG products are designed and manufactured in Finland by our experienced in-house team. TWIG Protector and other TWIG products are used in Europe and in other markets for lone worker protection, telecare and asset tracking, and integrate with TWIG and third party tracking and monitoring software.

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