02 Jul 2008 TWIG Locator SE tracking device now available
New version of the TWIG Locator is targeted at personal safety applications
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02 Jul 2008 TWIG Locator SE tracking device now available
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TWIG Mobile Telematics, a business of GeoSentric Plc, today announces availability of TWIG Locator SE tracking device.

The device complements and is available in parallel with the TWIG Locator which has been already well received in asset tracking and safety markets.
Developed together with customers to address requirements of personal safety applications, the TWIG Locator SE features a large alarm button easy to find also in the dark or in pocket.
TWIG Locator SE can be readily tailored with the service provider’s symbol or logo in the alarm button.
TWIG Locator SE and TWIG Locator are compact, autonomous GPS tracking devices with GPRS or SMS connection to server and integrated antennae and battery.
“Our approach to developing mobile telematics products and services is a customer-driven one. The TWIG Locator SE is a new example of how we respond to and enhance our customers’ businesses”, says Jouko Laine, GeoSentric Director, TWIG Instruments.
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Jouko Laine, Director TWIG Instruments, GeoSentric Plc

About TWIG and GeoSentric Plc:
TWIG is a brand of GeoSentric Plc., a developer of location-based technologies, delivering products and services that connect people to places and networks. TWIG mobile telematics (www.twigworld.com) provide care and control solutions for saving lives, securing assets and improving field management. TWIG safety phones and tracking devices combine GPS location with mobile communication, integrating with TWIG and third party tracking and tracing software.
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