Wi-Fi communication in lone worker safety

Wi-Fi communication offers a critical solution for lone workers in areas with poor cellular coverage, such as underground sites, rural areas,  or any location affected by adverse weather conditions. By leveraging established Wi-Fi networks, TWIG lone worker alarms ensure that employees can maintain communication, access data services, and request help whenever necessary.

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How Wi-Fi Enhances Lone Worker Safety?

Wi-Fi networks facilitate essential safety features for lone workers, including accurate location tracking and the ability to send alerts or communicate via voice or data transfer. 
In environments where cellular signals are unreliable, Wi-Fi provides a dependable alternative, ensuring continuous connectivity for:

Emergency Calls and Messages

Quick access to help via VoIP calls and data messages through Wi-Fi.

Location Services

Utilizing Wi-Fi access points for precise indoor location tracking.

Constant Connectivity

Stable and continuous connection to ensure worker safety throughout their shift.

Enhanced safety

All our lone worker alarm devices enhance safety with robust two-way voice communication and reliable data transfer over Wi-Fi networks.

We offer device models that provide connectivity through Wi-Fi alone, or combined Wi-Fi and 4G networks when available, ensuring versatile solutions for both communication and precise location tracking.  

Wi-Fi Compatible TWIG Lone Worker Alarms

VoIP calls

Our Wi-Fi-compatible alarms facilitate seamless VoIP communication through third-party applications. This includes device to device communication using our TWIG Point platform as the SIP server and the capability to connect to regular phone numbers via third-party VoIP services. 

How to take in use Wi-Fi communication

Wi-Fi location

The TWIG Point hybrid location service utilizes Wi-Fi signals for reliable indoor location tracking. This feature is particularly effective in public spaces and on-site locations, combining cellular, Wi-Fi, and BLE technologies to pinpoint the exact location of a distressed or injured worker.

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