Lone worker safety in logistics

Transport and logistics personnel is exposed to different kinds of risks when alone on the road or when loading and unloading the vehicle.
TWIG Neo is a compact and light personal alarm to alert help automatically or manually when facing a risky situation alone.

Lone working risks in logistics

Alone in an isolated area

Remote workers spend long periods driving alone. The vehicle break down in an isolated area can put them at great risk.


Lone workers in transport, logistics, and distribution businesses are in risk of assaults and abuse when transporting valuable goods.

Being struck or crushed

Workers are struck or run over by moving vehicles, fall from vehicles, are struck by objects falling from vehicles and are injured by vehicles overturning.

Features for logistics

ManDown alarm

The automatic ManDown function can trigger alert if the user is unconscious or unable to alert help.

Remote device management

TWIG personal safety devices are remotely configurable.

4G availability

4G as a selectable option to ensure wider network coverage.