Lone working risks in logistics

Alone in an isolated area

Remote workers spend long periods driving alone. The vehicle break down in an isolated area can put them at great risk.


Lone workers in transport, logistics, and distribution businesses are in risk of assaults and abuse when transporting valuable goods.

Being struck or crushed

Workers are struck or run over by moving vehicles, fall from vehicles, are struck by objects falling from vehicles and are injured by vehicles overturning.

TWIG advantages for logistics

ManDown alarm

The automatic ManDown function can trigger alert if the user is unconscious or unable to alert help.

Remote device management

TWIG personal safety devices are remotely configurable.

4G availability

4G as a selectable option to ensure wider network coverage.

TWIG personal safety devices for logistics workers

 TWIG Neo 

The wearable personal alarm device 
with optional belt clip

 TWIG One 

The optimal lone worker alarm
 for industrial use

TWIG Product Offer - More Than a Device


Chargers, batteries, wearables, and car solutions - all compatible with TWIG personal alarms.


Datasheets, Quick Guides, Configuration Guides and Declarations of Conformity


Extended warranty, custom sales box configuration, custom device settings, customer SIM-card provisioning, device mid-life upgrades, central station service provider –model...


TWIG personal alarms are remotely and locally configurable with selected settings. Read more about device configuration.


Visit our Support site to find answers to your questions and contact information to ask further questions.


TWIG personal alarms can be complemented with short range devices, a turn-key central station and AGPS feed. TWIG Integrator Kit enables integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre.