Lone worker safety in forestry

Forestry is a high risk industry with a high percentage of fatal error and major injuries. Forestry employees work in extreme circumstances where human errors and fatigue can cause serious injuries.
Duty of care requires employers to give lone workers means to alert help. TWIG personal alarms and safety phones are dedicated alarms with essential features to protect the forestry employees and secure the employers' duty.

Lone working risks in forestry


Fatigue can cause human errors and lead to serious injuries especially when working outside normal hours and alone in an isolated area.

Falls, slips and trips

Falls from heights are the most common cause of injury and death due to working at height.


Cold or wet weather and circumstances can reduce concentration and make manual tasks more difficult and put the lone worker in danger.

TWIG advantages for forestry workers

4G availability

The new TWIG personal alarms include 4G ensuring communications in areas where 2G or 3G network is not available.

Power for noisy environments

The integrated high-power speakerphone boosts two-way voice communications. A powerful vibrating alarm and alarm tones help sensing pre-alarms and incoming communications.

ManDown alarm

The automatic ManDown function can trigger alert if user is unconscious or unable to alert help.