26th Aug 2021 Easy hybrid location for your system with minimal system integration

Hybrid location for public spaces

Hybrid location for public spaces

Get hybrid location for global public spaces easily by using their available Wi-Fi base stations and cellular network. All you need  is TWIG personal alarm device configured for hybrid location and activated TWIG Point Netloc service. 

Check the video how to configure your TWIG device!

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On-site augmentation with SRD, Wi-Fi and BLE

Choose optimal beacon technology, add new or reuse existing on-site location beacons (SRD, Wi-Fi, BLE) and sensors for compatible TWIG personal alarm devices. Hybrid location is fully supported by TWIG One and TWIG Neo lone worker alarm devices when equipped with SRD3 option (SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE).

Minimise system integration and software development

With TWIG Point Site stand-alone tool only minimal system integration is required. Just make sure your system’s MPTP listener accepts hybrid location. TWIG Point Netloc and TWIG Point Site are now included in the TWIG Point All inclusive and Utility subscriptions.