23rd Jun 2021 Benefit from hybrid location with the new TWIG Neo
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi location with SRD3 option
23 June, 2021 by
23rd Jun 2021 Benefit from hybrid location with the new TWIG Neo
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The new multi-wearable TWIG Neo lone worker alarm can be selected with SRD3 option enabling also device location based on signals from bluetooth beacons and Wi-Fi base stations.

More than SRD

The SRD3 is a device option making TWIG Neo not only compatible with TWIG short range devices (beacons, tags, door sensors or buttons) but also enabling location based on signals from Bluetooth beacons or Wi-Fi base stations.

Precisely the compatibility with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi beacons give TWIG Neo more options for locating than TWIG SRD beacons alone. TWIG Neo defeats TWIG Embody in location options as TWIG Embody only include SRD compatibility.

Hybrid location with TWIG Point Netloc

TWIG Neo benefits from TWIG Point Netloc hybrid location both for public space location (cellular + Wi-Fi) and for on-site location (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE).

Get device location with smart charging station

Also the new smart charging station provides the opportunity to locate the TWIG Neo faster. When docked in smart charging station, TWIG Neo sends the serial number of the smart charging station to ARC. The new smart charging station (AFS) is one of the assets that can be geocoded to TWIG Point enabling to get the device location when in charger.

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