13th May 2019 Lone worker safety improved with server based Amber alert

Server based Amber alert available also for TWIG Embody and TWIG SOSCard

What is server based Amber alert?

Amber alert is an effective timer-based aid for triggering emergency alert in risky situations where the lone worker is incapacitated and can no longer raise alarm by pressing SOS key.

TWIG personal alarm devices can be configured for local or interactive Amber alert usage. The local Amber alert is a common lone worker protection function based on device’s timer. The interactive or so called server based Amber alert therefore leans back to timer set on alarm receiving centre.

Both types of Amber alert are useful lone worker protection functions for risky situations. The server based mode however ensures lone worker’s safety also when device timer is not functioning e.g. if device breaks up or mobile connection is lost.

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Server based Amber alert for
TWIG Embody and TWIG SOSCard

With the FW 045 release the green SEND and red END keys of TWIG Embody and TWIG SOSCard can be configured for other than their primary functions. The configuration of SEND and END keys for alternative functions enables the activation of server based Amber alert by clicking the configured device key.

More about Amber alert on our website: