5th Sep 2019 Watch our new TWIG Point product video!
Download the video at our website and share it within your network!
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5th Sep 2019 Watch our new TWIG Point product video!
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Searching a tool for alarms monitoring and device management?

TWIG Point is a modular suite of services to manage and monitor TWIG personal alarm devices. With easy access at website twigpoint.com TWIG Point service provider platform is fast to take into use worldwide.

With TWIG Point SP platform you can create and manage customer accounts, configure devices remotely, create sites with custom site maps, set trackings and geofences, locate TWIG devices indoors, visulize location on multistorey floor plans and much more...


Try TWIG Point for free and pick the service modules for your needs

Thanks to TWIG Point modularity, you can pick the services you need and deploy them either via your own ARC system or via TWIG Point user interface. With TWIG Point API you can integrate the wanted services into your own ARC system.

Watch the video on TWIG Youtube channel. You can also download the video from the website: https://www.twigcom.com/page/videos or from your TWIG Partner Area.

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