28 Jun 2012 New TWIG Protector EasyS
Lone worker alarm made easy and slim – with power to spare
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28 Jun 2012 New TWIG Protector EasyS
Twig Com

Twig Com Ltd, the Salo, Finland designer and manufacturer of TWIG safety and GPS products, today announces availability for customer deliveries of the new TWIG Protector EasyS personal safety alarms device.

The TWIG Protector EasyS features the familiar user interface with large buttons and back-lit LCD display with icons. It makes using the device easy, also in demanding environments.

Despite its slim form and light weight of 80 grams the TWIG Protector EasyS integrates a 1500 mAh battery, giving a 20 % longer operating time over the previous TWIG Protector, already acclaimed for its battery life.

Also the 2600 mAh battery option continues to be available, now designated as the TWIG Protector EasyL.

The TWIG Protector EasyS shares all the same accessories with TWIG Protector, and is compatible with your existing deployment: same user functions, same protocol, same tools. But now there is increased capacity for future functions and options such as indoor lone worker location.

The TWIG Protector EasyS GPS/GSM personal safety device is designed to protect lone workers, the vulnerable and those needing care. Alarm button or automatic ManDown alert activate a predefined emergency protocol, transmitting the latest known position and enabling two-way voice call. The device is IP67 water proof, providing ease of mind for the user and unparalleled life cycle economies for the administrator.

Fully remotely configurable and controllable, the TWIG Protector EasyS is fast to deploy and flexible to operate.

For more information: sales (at) twigworld.com
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About TWIG:
TWIG (www.twigworld.com) is a brand of Twig Com Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of personal safety and GPS tracking products and software. TWIG products are designed and manufactured in Salo, Finland by our experienced team. TWIG Protector and other TWIG products are used in Europe and in other markets for lone worker protection, telecare and asset tracking, and integrate with TWIG and third party tracking and monitoring software.

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