21 Mar 2012 TWIG Safety and GPS News
TWIG Safety and GPS News
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21 Mar 2012 TWIG Safety and GPS News
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CeBIT Recap

Danke schön!
The CeBIT show in Hannover 6 – 10 March was a success for TWIG. Thank you for all of you giving us a visit during the week.

TWIG in action during CeBIT 2012

According to Deutsche Messe statistics there were 300,000 attendees to CeBIT 2012 from over 110 countries. More than 50,000 visitors were from outside Germany.

Over the five days there was a constant flow of visitors at the TWIG stand. Conspicuous was that most visitors were highly knowledgeable in the field of personal safety and GPS so business discussions were effective and to the point. The great number of prospective business partners from outside Germany and even Europe was also marked.

New contacts were made and some old ones renewed, as TWIG put on display its new products and focus on personal safety alerts and asset security.

Indoor safety by TWIG
The new TWIG indoor solution for lone workers was well received by customers and sales partners at CeBIT. For details on specs, availability and pricing please call your sales contact.

Tech tips: New TWIG Protector configuration tools and drivers
You can identify the new TWIG Protector by designation TCP90EU in the type label. Here are some technical tips for managing the new TWIG Protector in your system:
• There are no changes to the over-the-air protocols
• There is no change to the TWIG Configurator application for managing device setup. Download the latest version here: ftp://support.twigworld.com/public/Protectorupdate/firmware/TCP90EU/
• There is a separate application for programming new firmware. Download the latest version here: ftp://support.twigworld.com/public/Protectorupdate/firmware/TCP90EU/
• Device drivers do not need to be manually downloaded for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP for running TWIG Configurator.
• If while batch programming you want to prevent Windows from creating new driver files (VID and PID) for each new device, please contact TWIG Support for tips.

Map TWIG on your Lumia, Android, iPhone…
This was one of the most popular tips at CeBIT: Yes, you can easily follow a TWIG (if authorized!) even without an alarm receiving centre. Simply send ‘?POS’ text message to TWIG device from your smart phone. Select the web link on the reply message. Your phone now shows TWIG on Google Maps. Works on contemporary firmware versions of TWIG Protector, TWIG Protector Easy, TWIG Protector Ex, TWIG Asset Locator and TWIG Locator.

Community matters
Twig Com’s home town Salo was in national focus on March 20 as the newly elected President of the Republic of Finland Mr Sauli Niinistö made his first domestic presidential tour visiting industrial companies in his home town – Salo.

On March 21 Twig Com Ltd had the pleasure of hosting Salo Rotary Club for their weekly meeting, featuring company presentation and factory tour.

Salo Rotary Club on factory tour of Twig Com Ltd.

Twig Com Ltd.
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Tel. +358 40 5105058
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About TWIG:
TWIG (www.twigworld.com) is a brand of Twig Com Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of personal safety and GPS tracking products and software. TWIG products are designed and manufactured in Salo, Finland by our experienced team. TWIG Protector and other TWIG products are used in Europe and in other markets for lone worker protection, telecare and asset tracking, and integrate with TWIG and third party tracking and monitoring software.

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