13 Mar 2015 All-New TWIG Configurator 3.04 now available
Even easier to use, supports all current TWIG personal alarm devices
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13 Mar 2015 All-New TWIG Configurator 3.04 now available
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 TWIG Configurator 3.04 and new TWIG Configuration Guide YZ3501-01 are now downloadable on our website.

The new TWIG Configurator 3.04 and TWIG Configuration Guide provide a unified device management resource for all the current TWIG safety alarms:

  • Type TUP90EU devices: TWIG Protector Pro 3G, TWIG Protector Pro 2G, TWIG Protector 3G and TWIG Protector Easy 3G.
  • Type TCP90EU devices: TWIG Protector 2G, TWIG Protector Ex 2G, TWIG Protector Easy 2G and TWIG Asset Locator
TWIG Configurator PC application enables you to:
  • Control device settings for e.g. GPS, GPRS, security, power management, SOS, ManDown, AmberAlert, quick dials and status keys
  • Program settings to TWIG device and read settings from device
  • Store settings in file and retrieve settings from file

The new TWIG Configurator is easy to install and use, with automatic USB drivers and automatic device connection. TWIG Configuration Guide provides a convenient reference to all device settings.

System requirements:
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP
  • USB port
  • TWIG USB-miniUSB cable and charging adapter or programming station
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