09 Apr 2013 TWIG Safety and GPS News
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09 Apr 2013 TWIG Safety and GPS News
Twig Com
IFSEC International
We welcome you to meet TWIG at the NEC Birmingham, UK, 13-16 May 2013. We are located in the lone worker area, Hall 5 K42.

IFSEC International is the leading event for the security industry, attracting more than 650 solution providers from 100 countries, and now celebrating its 40th year.

The latest TWIG lone worker innovations exhibited include:
- TWIG Protector personal alarm device, now with enhanced AmberAlert
- TWIG Discovery Pro safety phone
- TWIG Beacon for hybrid indoor + GPS location
- RFID -tag solution for attendance monitoring
- Wireless alert button solution
- ATEX solutions: TWIG Protector Ex and TWIG Beacon Ex

AmberAlert (condition check, timer alert)
TWIG Protector now has an enhanced AmberAlert function, providing condition check and enhanced tracking functions for times and places where the user faces increased safety risks. Local as well as server-based timer options make it possible to address various risk scenarios such as entering locations without GSM signal.

User activates AmberAlert by pressing a dedicated button. If user does not reset the AmberAlert timer nor acknowledge the prealert, a full emergency cycle is started. The AmberAlert parameters can be remotely configured from central station. User can select timer value from menu, if device configurations allow this.

ManDown user control
ManDown automatic alert function of the TWIG Protector can now be turned on and off by the user. Configurations allow setting ManDown as a default on or off on power-up, or preventing user from switching ManDown on or off. Device can notify central station whenever user switches ManDown on or off.

Configuration power
New configuration facility is now included in TWIG Protector/Easy/Asset Locator. Up to four “MPTP” commands can be executed when powering up the device or when in Post Emergency state. Examples include activating GPS tracking always on power-up, or activating GPS tracking in case of alert, or changing to real time GPS tracking in case of alert. Execution of commands can be remotely toggled on and off.

URL addressing for GPRS
In addition to direct IP addressing, also URLs can be now used by TWIG Protector/Easy/Asset Locator to initiate GPRS connections. Both methods have their advantages, with URL offering more flexibility.

Alarm cycle
A new procedure is available for implementing emergency acknowledgement between alarms receiving centre and TWIG Protector/Easy/Asset Locator. Also alarms buffering is improved. For specifics, please consult MPTP document and Configuration Guide, or contact support (at) twigcom.com.

MPTP and Configuration Guide
The latest versions are MPTP v3.27 and TWIG Protector Configuration Guide v11. Please contact support (at) twigcom.com for your copy.

Track TWIG on your smartphone
You can easily follow a TWIG (if authorized!) also on the go: Send ‘?POS’ text message to TWIG device from your smart phone. Select the web link on the reply message. Your phone now shows TWIG on Google Maps. Works on contemporary firmware versions of TWIG Protector, TWIG Protector Easy, TWIG Protector Ex, TWIG Asset Locator and TWIG Locator.

Twig Com Ltd.
Meriniitynkatu 11, FIN-24100 Salo, Finland
Tel. +358 40 5105058
Fax +358 42 5105058
sales (at) twigcom.com
support (at) twigcom.com

About TWIG:
TWIG is a brand of Twig Com Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of personal safety and GPS tracking products and software. TWIG products are designed and manufactured in Finland by our experienced in-house team. TWIG Protector and other TWIG products are used in Europe and in other markets for lone worker protection, telecare and asset tracking, and integrate with TWIG and third party tracking and monitoring software.

TWIG Protector is the ultimate GPS/GSM personal safety device, designed to protect lone workers, the vulnerable and those needing care. Alarm button, ManDown or AmberAlert functions activate a predefined emergency protocol that operates according to BS8484, transmitting latest known position and opening two-way voice call. The device is rugged and IP67 water proof, providing ease of mind for the user and unparalleled life cycle economies for the administrator.
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