03 Nov 2010 The new TWIG Protector Ex: now available for ATEX users
Brings worker protection to explosion hazardous environments
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03 Nov 2010 The new TWIG Protector Ex: now available for ATEX users
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TWIG Mobile Telematics, a business of GeoSentric Plc, today announces availability of the TWIG Protector Ex personal safety device for customer deliveries.

The intrinsically safe TWIG Protector Ex is type approved under to the European ATEX directive to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, with ATEX mark II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4. The notified body issuing the ATEX type approval certificate is VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland. VTT have also ATEX and ISO9001:2008 certified the quality management system of GeoSentric Plc TWIG business unit.

The easy-to-use TWIG Protector Ex GPS/GSM safety device is designed and manufactured in Salo, Finland by the TWIG in-house team of professionals. It is compact, rugged and water proof to IP67 requirements.

User of TWIG Protector Ex can activate alert transmission to central station by pressing a dedicated alarm button.

Standard ManDown sensor can be configured to trigger automatic alert for example in case of loss of verticality or motion.

Two-way voice feature enables speaking with central station or a number or predefined assistance numbers, also in a speaker phone mode.

Advanced GPS capabilities include real time tracking, geofencing, A-GPS and more.

High quality battery and intelligent power management system ensure ample operating times, also when sending GPS tracking over GPRS.

A range of accessories is available to the TWIG Protector Ex.

For more information: sales@twigworld.com

Download data sheet and type approval certificate:

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About TWIG and GeoSentric Plc:
TWIG is a brand of GeoSentric Plc., a developer of location-based technologies, delivering products and services that connect people to places and networks. TWIG mobile telematics (www.twigworld.com) provide care and control solutions for saving lives, securing assets and improving field management. TWIG safety phones and tracking devices combine GPS location with mobile communication, integrating with TWIG and third party tracking and tracing software.

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