TWIG Integrator Kit
The Developer Resources for Integrating TWIG Devices to Client Alarm Monitoring Centre
TWIG Point SP turn-key SaaS solution for service providers
TWIG Point Site
Site management and geocoding of beacons
TWIG Point Monitor
Turn-key service for alarms monitoring and tracking of TWIG personal alarm devices
Turn-key AGNSS for faster and more reliable position acquisition
TWIG Point Remote Configurator
Turn-key over-the-air device configuration accessible through TWIG Point account
TWIG Point Netloc
Hybrid location for TWIG personal alarms
TWIG Beacon Configurator
The PC application for configuration of TWIG Beacon and TWIG Beacon Ex
TWIG FirmwareLoader
The PC tool for updating TWIG device firmware
TWIG Configurator
The PC application for controlling TWIG device settings and updating TWIG device firmware