The wearable lone worker alarm for social, administration and front end staff

TWIG SOSCard Magneta

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  • SRD3 compatibility options
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        The 4G personal alarm ID badge

        As a discreetly wearable identity card holder, TWIG SOSCard is especially suited for safety of lone working front office, health care and social care employees. 


        Features and benefits

        4G connection for SMS, data and VoLTE calls. Read more about 4G.

        Accessories compatible with TWIG Easy include charging station, programming station, smart charging station, multi-device charging station, carrying case, belt clip, charging adapter, mains charger with optional charger adapter and car charger.

        AGNSS (Assisted GNSS) feed enables the faster and more reliable positioning compared to normal GNSS. TWIG devices including a multi constellation GNSS receiver listen to GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites.

        Amber alert is a timer based alert function for risky situations. The activated Amber alert launches SOS cycle automatically when device user is not capable to interrupt it by clicking the device key. Before launch of SOS cycle, a pre-alarm time is displayed to inform user of the soon starting alarm launch. Amber alert can be configured for interactive or local mode. Interactive mode activation requires acceptance from the ARC. Depending on device configuration and keypad, Amber alert function can be activated by the dedicated numeric Amber alert key (available only with TWIG One 4-digit keypad) or preconfigured UI key. Refer to your service provider for Amber alert configuration. 

        In addition to calls related to SOS events, TWIG personal alarm devices enable calls and SMS to 1 or 4 assistance numbers. More information on TWIG Configuration guide and quick guides.

        TWIG over-the-air protocols are generally backwards compatible over evolving device platforms from device type to device type. It means also novel TWIG personal alarm devices are usually drop-in compatible with alarm receiving centre (ARC) systems once integrated with a previous TWIG product.

        TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving center.

        Device can be worn on belt or on clothes with a belt clip or a carrying case. Both accessories allow device wearing in vertical and horizontal position.

        Enjoy the convenience of over the air firmware update via TWIG Point account to guarantee the lone workers in the field always have the latest and greatest software updated on their device.

        TWIG devices including a multi constellation GNSS receiver listen to GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites. Device tracking is possible by sending a tracking request message to personal alarm device. After reception of the tracking request message, device starts sending tracking messages to the same phone number from which tracking request message was received. Tracking can equally be ended by sending a message to end tracking.

        TWIG devices equipped with SRD3 option benefit the TWIG Point Netloc hybrid indoor location, world-wide for public spaces (cellular + Wi-Fi) and on-site (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE) providing a service to locate distressed or injured persons inside areas. 

        TWIG personal alarms are tested by following the test method of IP67 defined in the IEC standard 60529.

        ManDown alarm is an automatic alarm triggering SOS cycle when pre-configured ManDown criteria is fullfilled. Such triggers can be sufficient vertical or horizontal movement, non-movement, free fall or impact depending on the pre-configuration of your device. A pre-alarm informs device user of the coming SOS cycle launch and possibility to stop the alarm launch by moving the device. Read more about mandown alarm. 

        Fully remotely configurable, the TWIG One lone worker alarm is fast to deploy and flexible to operate. Also USB programmable, either manually or using saved file.

        A discreet call to a pre-configured phone number opens communication to alarm receiving center with a muted audio.

        SOS cycle is a series of emergency calls and/or messages launched automatically by preconfigured SOS settings. Depending on your device configuration, SOS cycle can be triggered either manually by pressing the SOS key or automatically by movement, non-movement or by other pre-configured alarm functions. SOS cycle events can include calls and messages in different formats.

        Distinct and tactile SOS key for panic situations and SOS alarms. Read more about SOS alarms.

        TWIG personal alarm devices equipped with SRD3 option refine on-site beacon location coverage with Wi-Fi and BLE locations.

        2-way voice calls can be emergency calls launched by pressing the SOS key or assistance calls. The device may be configured to answer some/all incoming calls automatically.

        The keypad of only 2 device keys makes the TWIG Easy a user-friendly personal alarm device. The red SOS key is distinct and fast to identify in panic situations. The green button is for calling or answering a call. 

        All TWIG personal alarms are equipped with vibrator enabling vibrating alert for calls and messages.

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