Site management and geocoding of beacons

TWIG Point Site

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  • Tool for easy site planning and management of custom site maps, floor plans and SRD, BLE and Wi-Fi beacons, sensors and base stations. 

  • TWIG Point Site is compatible with TWIG device types TLP52EU, TLP51EU, TLP50EU, TUP93EU and TUP92EU including SRD3 option required for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons. 

  • TWIG Embody of device type TUP91EU including SRD option is compatible only for short range devices (SRD) and cellular location. The device type is printed in the type label, on the back side of the device. 

  • Creation of custom sites by import of own site maps and floor plans.

  • Easy geocoding of on-site location beacons (SRD, Wi-Fi, BLE) and sensores for compatible TWIG personal alarm devices.

  • Service activation and access through TWIG Point SP account. Service included in All inclusive and Utility subscriptions.

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