The optimized lone worker alarm for noisy and hazardous industrial environments


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Includes also Wi-Fi only options!
  • Mobile network options
  • GNSS options (satellite positioning)
  • ManDown options
  • SRD3 compatibility options
  • NFC reader options
  • Mains charger adapter type

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Mains charger adapter type: AU

          Lone worker protection features and benefits

          ManDown alarm

          ManDown alarm detects falling, no-movement, free
           fall and impact.

          Indoor location

          Paired with TWIG SRD, BLE or Wi-Fi beacons TWIG One can be located when GNSS signal is not available.

          Easy Integration

          TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving center.

          SRD compatibility

          High-performance GNSS receiver with turn-key AGNSS feed can be complemented with TWIG SRD, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi beacons.

          Remote configuration

          Fully remotely configurable, the TWIG One lone worker alarm is fast to deploy and flexible to operate. Also USB programmable, either manually or using saved file.

          Configurable UI and keypad

          The pre-programmable device keypad and soft key functions extend device usability.

          2G/3G/4G lone worker alarm

          Excellent operating times even in continuous GNSS satellite monitoring are achieved through advanced technology and large-capacity battery.

          Compatible accessories

          Charging and programming stations, carrying case, belt clip, alterable SOS key colour DIY kit.

          Attendance monitoring

          The optional NFC reader  registers attendance by reading NFC tags. TWIG One is not compatible with TWIG SRD Tag.

          nfigurable UI and keypad 

          Examples of lone worker jobs

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