The short range device (SRD) for indoor location in Ex areas

TWIG Beacon Ex

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TWIG Beacon Ex Specifications

  • The TWIG Beacon Ex system is designed to locate distressed or injured persons in explosive hazardous areas where GPS is not reliable and other methods do not provide needed accuracy.

  • TWIG personal alarms devices are located within a microcell network of RF transmitters, laid out to meet position accuracy requirements.

  • Set in place, TWIG Beacon Ex with a large-capacity battery, provides years of operating time. Over-the-air configuration facility makes setting up the system easy.

  • IP67 water-proof housing allows installation in demanding environments. 

  • TWIG personal safety alarm devices report to alarm receiving centre (ARC) TWIG Beacon location information along with last known GPS position, creating a complementary location system for indoor premises capable of global roaming outdoors.

TWIG Beacon Ex Features and Benefits

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Durable, Rugged & Waterproof

Zone 1 Category II Gas intrinsically safe temperature class 4.

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Power for Location

Large-capacity integrated battery, providing years of operating time.

Usage Areas

Indoor Location
Petrochemical Industry

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