Turn-key over-the-air device configuration accessible through TWIG Point account

TWIG Point Remote Configurator

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    TWIG Point Remote Configurator Instructions

    • Activation and access through TWIG Point account. Contact TWIG Sales for service prices.

    • Compatible with TWIG device type TUP92EU, TUP91EU and RG310.

    • Control device settings for e.g. TWIG Point AGPS, GPRS, security, power management, SOS, ManDown, quick dials and status keys

    • Program settings to TWIG device and read settings from device

    • Store settings at TWIG Point account and write them to your TWIG device remotely from your laptop or mobile device.

    • Security for device management

    • Web interface to invoke by customer monitoring system, also directly to a specific device or setting.

    • For details of configuring devices remotely, please refer to TWIG Configurator Guide.

    Watch the TWIG Point video


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